Unicoa Industrial Supply originated in Phoenix, AZ in 1973, under the name of Glendale Industrial Supply by then founder and current owner Mr. Larry Pershing. Mr. Pershing has been a pioneer in the local industrial supply business for over 50 years and his commitment to the industry is very much evident with all of his suppliers. Mr. Pershing’s philosophy has always been to take care of his suppliers, in return he believed they would take care of him. This same approach has served his employees and his customers very well. His commitment to both has led to an average tenure for sales people of 15 years, and 30 years of continued sales growth. Mr. Pershing believes to be a successful supplier, one must carry those items no one else is willing to carry to take care of your employees and customers, and have a full wagon to sell from. A simple philosophy, but one that has served us all for over thirty years.


With over 200 years of combined sales expertise, Unicoa boasts one of the most talented and diverse sales teams in the industry. The unique skill set of our sales team affords Unicoa the opportunity to provide expertise in numerous fields such as pipeline construction, concrete construction, plant maintenance, power plant construction and maintenance, safety assessment and training, electrical construction, heavy mechanical, utility construction and many, many more. Our experience is what sets us apart from all other suppliers and in today’s construction climate, time is money. So, when you’re on that job with the critical schedule, and need to buy that critical tool or piece of equipment, call the Unicoa team.

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